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pash eames lounge chair review

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pash eames lounge chair review

Most people know Charles and Ray for their home furnishings, but they dabbled in just about everything. With furniture design came other industrial matters, like toys. “The Plywood Elephant” for example was strong enough for kids to play on, but doubled as a sleek sculpture that parents could appreciate too. Genius! They are also known for outstanding contributions in film, photography, exhibition, and architecture. It is safe to say, they saw beauty in everything around them, and offered ground-breaking progress for the future of modern mid-century design.­

Charles once said… “Any time one or more things are consciously put together in a way that they can accomplish something better than they could have accomplished individually, this is an act of design”. He must have been talking about his life with Ray, because together this duo was dynamic.

See more about the unique story of Charles & Ray Eames in the documentary “Eames: The Architect and The Painter” – definitely worth watching!

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The Eames Chair in the home office. By S.

This great chair created by the world-famous designer couple Charles & Ray Eames for Herman Miller in the mid Twentieth Century is living a glorious revival in all spaces of the contemporary home, specially the dining room and the home office. It is quite affordable (about US$300) and I encourage you to go out and buy it if you think your home office needs that extra specialness!

I have been in love with this chair for a few years and I have made a commitment to myself to stop coveting it for once and for all and to go out and get it! I am currently using a Vitra Panton Chair in my home office but I think I will transfer that one to my son s bedroom and replace it with a cool Eames Molded Plastic Chair in white with wooden legs (like the one in the last image). Definitely, absolutely.

Eames and Others – The Black Dining Chair!

I am a big fan of all things black when it comes to accenting a space, especially a dining space. As such, I am here today to share with you some of my favourites!

One of the benefits of using a black dining chair is the versatility. The striking contrast of a molded Eames chair and rustic or rough hewn table fits into a number of styles and decor. The above are great illustrations of this. From the very slick modern to a blending of mid-century and industrial. In all three of these the chair, (and this may simply be the case whenever you are putting an Eames chair in a space!) are the highlight.

They can blend as well, and very well at that. The chrome legs add a splash of shine to these otherwise understated spaces, and some much needed contrast. Here though, they do not steal the show, they merge into it. They become part of the overall, and that is a very good thing.

Eames Chair…from inspiration to inspiration

From my previously posted blog on Herman Miller, the focus in that post was more on Herman Miller and the company s iconic stature in the world of office design, as well as Herman Miller s insistence and dedication to innovation of design, superior ergonomic manufacturing and sustainable practices.
This “One of 6 in 2010” company ( Fortune 500 s “Best Company To Work For”; “Most Admired” and “Most Advanced”), as a further example, boasts several other distinctive awards,including:
In 2008:

Herman Miller named to Fast Company magazine s “Fast 50” list of the world s most innovative companies.

The company ranked 26th this year and was the only representative of the contract furniture industry. The “Fast 50” highlights how innovation can drive economic growth.

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